Experiencing twentyforty

twentyforty takes on new forms and goes on a journey. Now twentyforty can also be experienced in an exhibition, enriched by audiovisual products such as an audio book and film adaptations of the stories.

In order to further express our experiment in scientific communication and to reach as many people as possible, we continuously developed the idea of twentyforty. Thus, in addition to our publication of the anthology and the website, we also cooperated with students of the Film Academy Babelsberg. They created new audiovisual content based on the stories of the scientists. The result was an audio book and episodic film adaptations. With the resulting material, excerpts from the stories and the illustrations from the book and the website, we created an exhibition that has already taken place successfully in Berlin and is now ready to travel.


Haus der Statistik, Berlin
2 July – 15 July 2020



The exhibition will travel to the home countries of the authors. Stay tuned. 





Based on the thirteen twentyforty-stories a screenplay and concept was developed, that tries to translate the different approaches into an audio-visual language. There are several Ideas mirroring the kaleidoscopic idea of a video installation. The final product contains 15 episodes, including an intro and outro. The episodes can stand for themselves but they also work lined up as a 45 minute film version.

Screenplay, production and direction by Kathrin Unger and Helena Kühnemann


Audio book

“The Bath” – an audio drama by Angelina Urbanczyk.

Video Sequences

The 15 episodes can stand for themselves but they also work lined up as a 45 minute film version.

13 Stories

The book contains 13 visionary stories about the digital society in twenty years from now. 


The stories were illustrated by Elsa Brown.

Audio Book

This radio play was created in the context of the twentyforty exhibition and is based on the stories “In Mangal’s New World” by Preeti Mudliar, “Everyone is a Narcissist Together” by Robin Tim Weis and “The Manifesto” by Isabella Hermann.

Script, production and direction by Angelina Urbanczyk


Impressions of the exhibition in Berlin

The exhibition took place as a “pioneer project” in the pilot project House of Statistics, which is coordinated by five cooperation partners (Koop5) from civil society and administration. The exhibition was open to visitors from 2 to 15 July and was framed by a vernissage and a finissage. The vernissage was opened with a welcome and introduction by the project manager of the exhibition, Anna Oswald (HIIG), followed by a panel discussion with the initiator of the project Benedikt Fecher (HIIG), the project manager Bronwen Deacon (HIIG) and one of the authors Isabella Hermann (BBAW). The discussion was moderated by Christian Grauvogel (HIIG). At the finissage there was a screening of the film followed by a discussion with the two makers Kathrin Ungar and Helena Kühnemann.